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Summer is a Human brawler that lives with the Neathian Royal Family.


Summer is the pyrus brawler to the royal family of Neathia. Her new bakugan, Plitheon & Fangoid transported her there by acident. not knowing her way home she contacted her mentor, Jason. ever since then she has been contacting her mother 20 times a week to let her know shes alright. Fangoid and Plitheon, not knowing why they transported her in their sleep began sensing enemies lying behind Gundalia and told Summer. Summer, realizing the critical situation, told the Royal family. Rayne's Lumagrowl began to explain the current situation to Fangoid and Plitheon. "We've recently taken down Gundalia all of their bakugan came to Neathia. Sensing the danger of your new home planet, you must've come here to protect it. Summer....You are a castle knight now" confused she looked at the necklace that appeared on her neck "It blonged to Meia...before....welcome to the Royal Family, Princess Summer." confused she went off to her new room. since then she has been a royal family member along with her mentor, Jason


Pyrus Fangoid

Pyrus Plitheon

Battle gearEdit

Copper Jetkor

Copper Battle Sabre


Copper Boomix