name: Drake Amashu Age:14 Gender:male Family none Bio: Drake found out that he was half gandalian when he transformed in the middle of the night. His mom told him that he was the heir of a rogue gandalian clan. He ran away and has been brawling ever since. Shortly after he met his partner, Genial.

Favs: brawling, destruction, evil, sending Bakugan into the doom dimension and a world of pain, making brawlers cry Dislikes: brawlers, goody goody's

Bakugan: Genial(darkus)550g Bakugan description: a dragon-like Bakugan with bright red eyes and red dagger-like spines on his back. The rest of him is black as the night. Abilities: darkus vortex(opens a vortex that feeds genial power- 10g a second) Power hunger: drains all enemy Bakugan on the field of their power Darkus harbinger: one enemy Bakugan turns against his master Darkus invasion: he duplicates and all duplicates can attack Foresight: all other Bakugan on the field is haunted with visions of their worst fears Darkness to come: the entire field is shrouded in darkness making it impossible to see genial

Drake's looks: Human form: brown/red hair, as tall as dan. Black clothes with red rims. Has a gold, black and red mask. Enjoys thrill of battle and hates waiting. Gandalian form: firey red hair, standard gandalian length and wears a black outfit like spectra's.