Hero's: Joseph is the main character of the seasons and a Darkus user. Darkus Doom Exeedra(former guardian).Darkus, Pyrus,Aquos,Haos,Subterra,Ventus Leonidas. Darkus,Pyrus Celcius(other guardian.

Lily is a Haos user and Runo's sister. Haos Orbit Helios(former guardian). Haos Legend Tigrrara (former guardian). Xeronoid(final guardian).

Rian is Joseph's best friend and a Aquos user Aquos Shadow Vulcan(former guardian). Aquos Preyas 2 . Aquos Preyas.

Matt is 1 of Joseph's old friend's from school and a Subterra user. Subterra Quake Vertexx.

Ayden is the Ventus user of Joseph's team. Ventus Mega Robetalion(former guardian).Ventus Spin Hawktor(given to by Joseph.)Ventus Typhoon Taylean(deacesed guardian).Ventus Alecia(final guardian).

Dan is a friend of Joseph and the 5th ranked brawler. Pyrus Bursting Dragonoid.

Shun has become a master ninja and never backs down from a fight. Ventus Inganson.

Marucho has made a Bakugan Co. called Vestroia Inc. Aquos Wavecracker.

Villains: Marduk is the main antagonist and hates the Bakumasters. Darkus Battlroid Vladitor.

Masquerade is a doom being who was the same person as Alice but for an unknown reason was separated from each other. Darkus Omega Hydranoid.

Hunter is Matt's brother and hates every attribute but Subterra. Subterra Levran Omitron

Wes is a big prankster and loves Reapers. Pyrus Reaper,Aquos Reaper,Haos Reaper,Subterra Reaper,Darkus Reaper,Ventus Reaper.

Trisha loves anything Ventus. Ventus Pyro Dragonoid

Ally is a vestal who was an old vexos Aquos Usella Quyan

Des has thousands of fans. Subterra Avalion Polivan

Austin has a fiery spirit which matches his Pyrus attribute. Pyrus Avala Isolican